Anonymous: To get back at that anon post a topless picture of your breasts.

I don’t need to get back at him/her. I’m not that stupid. You should be ashamed for this suggestion.

Anonymous: No one cares if your a "gamer girl". So stop acting like you're "so amazing for having a cool gaming setup and not being like other girls" because its obvious that's what your doing. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be 1000 selfies on your blog, and your boobs wouldn't be in every picture. tyvm goodnight sir. I mean ma'am. gg. wp.

Anon hate is the weakest thing ever. It’s like a stranger running up to you with a bag over their head & screaming at you. If you don’t care about me/my blog, why are you bothering sending me a message? I’m only being myself :’) I post pictures of myself - since it’s MY blog! I’m very happy about my boobs, they are perfect! I feel no need to hide anything about me :D I’m very happy with myself & my life! Too bad you have a problem with that! Hate me all you want, your words can’t hurt me :D Do yourself a favor & don’t be so pathetic =)) x

Anonymous: Can you like write your name on your hand and take a pic so we know you're not fake pls?

I’m flattered that you’d even think of that as a possibility of me being fake :D But yes, I shall post such pic =))

Anonymous: What do you do for your nutrition and exercise?

Haha. I don’t exercise at all :) I also eat whatever I want, I don’t diet or think about nutrition. I eat lots of bread and candy. =)